1mg - Online Medical Store  App Review

1mg - Online Medical Store App Review

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Step Tracker - Pedometer Free & Calorie Tracker

Step Tracker - Pedometer Free & Calorie Tracker

The most accurate & simple step tracker auto tracks your daily steps, burned calories , walking distance, duration, pace, health data, etc., and display them in intuitive graphs for easy checking.

Power Saving Pedometer :

Step counter counts your daily steps with the built-in sensor, which greatly saves battery. It records steps accurately even when the screen is locked, whether your phone is in your hand, your pocket, your bag, or your armband.

Real-time Map Tracker :

In GPS tracking mode, step counter tracks your fitness activity in detail (distance, pace, time, calories), and records your routes on the map with GPS in real-time. But if you dont choose GPS tracking, it will count steps with built-in sensor to save battery.

100% Free & 100% Private :

No locked features. No login required. You can freely use all features without login.

Easy to Use Step Counter :

It auto records your steps. Pause, resume steps counting, reset steps to count from 0 if you want. Once you pause it, background data refreshing will stop. You will get your daily steps report on time, you can also check your real-time steps in the notification bar.

Report Graph :

You walking data will be displayed in clear graphs. You can easily check your daily, weekly and monthly walking statistics. Support for syncing data with Google Fit.

Targets and Achievements

Set daily steps goal. Continuously achieve your goal will keep you motivated. You can also set targets for your fitness activity (distance, calories, duration, etc.).

Fashion & Simple Design

Designed and developed by our Google Play Best of 2018 winning team, its clean, simple, and fashion design brings excellent user experience.

Colorful Themes

More themes coming soon. Select your favorite theme for the step tracker and enjoy the step counting.

Health Tracker App

Health tracker app records your health data (weight trends, sleep conditions, water intake details, diet, etc.) and helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stay active, lose weight and keep fit with activity & health tracker.

More features coming soon, such as sync data with Fitbit, Samsung Health, MyFitnessPal...

Important Notes

* To ensure accurate step counting, make sure the information you entered on the settings page is correct.

* You can adjust the sensitivity level of the step tracker for more accurate step counting.

* Some devices may stop counting when the screen is locked due to their power saving processing.

* Devices with older version cant count steps with locked screen.

Running tracker

Want to track your walking and running? You need a walking & running tracker. This running tracker can record your steps, running distance, and calories burned.

The Impact of HIV on Adolescents and Adults • Success City

The Impact of HIV on Adolescents and Adults • Success City

Any youngster who is explicitly dynamic ought to know about the dangers of HIV and should utilize protection procedures to abstain from getting this life changing disease. On the off chance that you are mature enough to have intercourse, you're mature enough to know current realities and to secure yourself (and your accomplices').

The Impact of HIV in Young People

The Impact of HIV on Adolescents and Adults • Success City

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 26% of the 50,000 Americans tainted every year with HIV are younger than 25. That is more than 12,000 new diseases yearly 1,000 new contaminations consistently. oncohiv.com

Since 60% of contaminated youth are unconscious of their status, they could be unwittingly giving the infection to other people. 

In any case, the numbers alone scarcely mirror the real essence of the issue. Tending to the issue of HIV youth anticipation is frequently similar to strolling through a financial place of cards. It addresses conduct and sexual issues, natural elements, social impacts, and a large number of different variables, each decently unstable against the following. Pull one issue freely, and the whole construction endures.

Separating the Numbers

Building an educated methodology is critical to avoidance, and it begins by separating the numbers to comprehend the dangers. In on-going observation by the CDC, specialists took a gander at youth HIV contaminations in America and had the option to confirm that: 

  • Roughly 85% of all adolescent contaminations are spread through sexual contact. 

  • Diseases from intravenous medication utilize run between seven to 12% 

  • Youthful guys address around 60% of new diseases. 

  • Of male contaminations, 75% are among men who have intercourse with men (MSM). 

  • Of MSM diseases, 37% are African American and 30% are Latino. 

  • African American youth represent over half of new contaminations. 

  • Latinos and African Americans are twice as prone to be contaminated through IV medication use than whites.

Weaknesses That Place Youth at Risk


Supporting these insights are various other social and clinical components that improve the probability of HIV disease, basically the "outside" powers over which we have little control as people. 

Boss among these components: 

  • Destitution stays an essential factor in the high pace of disease among more unfortunate networks, where there is insufficient admittance to public medical care, administrations, backing, and effort. 

  • While the pace of destitution is multiple times more prominent for African Americans than for whites, it's imperative to take note of that the pace of diseases among ruined gatherings regardless of whether white, Latino, or African American is practically something very similar. Identity has no impact. 

  • Among youthful MSM regardless of whether they recognize as gay, sexually open, or not one or the other there is a high danger of openness through unprotected butt-centric sex. 

  • Youthful females have more prominent weakness to HIV than more established females because of the single-layer columnar cells that line the cervix. After adolescence, these cells are progressively supplanted by a more defensive, complex cell structure. 

  • The social adequacy of young ladies having intercourse with more established men further mixtures the danger of HIV for young ladies in certain societies, since more seasoned men are bound to be HIV-tainted. Both this and natural vulnerability are two of the reasons that young ladies are frequently contaminated at a previous age than young fellows. 

  • In the U.S., around 25% of the detailed instances of explicitly sent illnesses (STDs) happen among youth. Sexually transmitted diseases are straightforwardly connected with a higher danger of HIV contamination. 

  • Dread of shame, misuse, and homophobia send numerous young people underground, keeping them from looking for the consideration and treatment they need. This regularly prompts misery and substance misuse, which can, thus, lead to high-chance sexual conduct. 

  • Liquor and medication use stay a test across all gatherings, bringing down hindrances and obscuring judgment. The commonness of gem methamphetamine in the gay local area, specifically, has been connected to a 250% more serious danger of contamination.

Youth Attitudes About HIV

One more test in the counteraction of HIV is the actual perspectives of our childhood. In an expansive, public overview directed by the Kaiser Family Foundation, analysts found that: 

  • Three out of five respondents expressed that deferring sex was "a pleasant thought, no one does it." 

  • One out of six accepts that having periodic unprotected sex is "not that huge an arrangement." 

  • Three of every five detailed that possibly they or an accomplice have had a pregnancy alarm. 

  • 70% respect conception prevention strategies other than condoms as "rehearsing more secure sex." 

  • half see condoms as an indication of doubt, disloyalty, or wantonness. 

  • 20% accept that you can tell somebody has HIV by taking a gander at them. 

What was generally telling, maybe, was that couple of the youngsters overviews at any point occupied with conversations about HIV/AIDS with their sexual accomplice, notwithstanding the way that over 75% said that they need more data.

Pragmatic Approaches to HIV Prevention in Youth

Given the perplexing, interconnected issues identified with HIV and youth, obviously an organized reaction is basic from a general wellbeing outlook and on an individual and relational level. oncohiv.com

What long periods of public mindfulness have encouraged us is that hazard decrease works out in a good way past a rundown of "what-to-do-and so forth do." It requires clearness, perseverance, and an individual-based methodology that tends to the worries and issues of every person.

How You Can Deal with Reduce Risk Now

  • Start by getting current realities about HIV/AIDS, more secure sex, conception prevention, condom use, and so on Instruct yourself first, looking for guidance and references from trusted, dependable sources. 

  • Be clear with yourself from the beginning that missteps do occur. In the event that you have committed unsafe errors, cautiously attempt to see how and why the misstep happened (liquor, peer pressure?) and investigate systems to try not to rehash it. 

  • Zero in on gradual change. It's not tied in with "turning over an entirely different leaf," yet rather distinguishing practical changes you can make to decrease your own danger and that of your accomplices'. 

  • Attempt to keep away from measurements and rates while examining HIV, particularly when somebody has a demeanor that contrasts from yours. To somewhere in the range of, a 30% danger of something turning out badly is exactly the same thing as a 70% possibility that it will not. 

  • On the off chance that you disapprove of medications, liquor, or sadness, manage that first. Primary concern: there is no genuine method to make an educated judgment until these issues are tended to. 

  • As a parent, attempt to standardize conversations about sex at the soonest age conceivable. Continuously expect to be explicit, and evaluate your own distress levels to stay away from passing them to your children. 

  • Eliminate no-no or any "unmentionable" marks from conversations about sex or medication use. It's smarter to have somebody contact you if there's an issue than for them to be disconnected on the grounds that they dread your response on the off chance that they're in a difficult situation. This is especially evident with regards to issues of gay or sexually unbiased sex. Despite culture or convictions, it is essentially impractical to address a hazard decrease in the event that anything is "forgotten about." 

  • While having a conversation about HIV, make an effort not to barbecue the individual with questions like "Do you… ?" or "Did you… ?" Instead, keep the discussion open by asking, "What do you comprehend about… ?" or "What are your emotions about… ?" 

  • With regards to peer pressure, attempt to cooperate to detail procedures. Youngsters frequently express that they capitulate to peer pressure basically in light of the fact that "they don't have the foggiest idea what to say." 

  • Effectively participate in HIV instruction programs at schools and youth focuses. Be a "known" asset individuals can go to. 

  • Lastly, the CDC suggests that in danger youth between the ages of 13 to 24 be tried for HIV and STDs at any rate once throughout a standard test. Explicitly dynamic MSM ought to be tried at any rate once yearly.

Also Read: How to Become a Better Athelete

How To Become a Better Athlete • Success City

How To Become a Better Athlete • Success City


How To Become a Better Athlete

Having an active lifestyle, fighting weariness, and keeping yourself healthy and fit are the benefits that you will gain once you actively manage in improving your athletic skills. It is not necessary to become a professional athlete to attain these things, as long as you are sincere and determined nothing would be impossible. To help you reach your maximum potential as an athlete, here are a few tips.

Set and Track Your Goals

Setting goals and tracking them can help you achieve things specifically; you can choose two options; short-term goal or long-term goal. The short-term goal is something you want to achieve within one to twelve months or even less, while long-term goal requires time and needs a thorough planning and it usually takes several years to attain it.

Planning things need specifications like; what are your goals that you want to achieve? What are the things you want to improve? What are the things that motivates you? These things will help you pursue things passionately, and do not forget to set timelines in order to help you in tracking them.

Joining Any Fitness Class

Joining in any fitness class, whether it is actual or virtual class will help you nurture your overall athletic performance and allowing your entire body to get into a perfect shape. Whatever your sports is, improving your fitness levels is a need., like runners, they do not just focus on running, they also engaged in other activities to help them in improving endurance and strength like; strength training or yoga.

Wear a Proper Footwear

To be a better athlete it is not just about taking care the body, but as well as the feet, choosing the proper footwear will help you support both your legs and feet. A right kind if support will help you avoid bruises, injury, and fatigue. One of the shoes you can use is a “Cross Country Shoes”.

Eat Right and Stay Healthy

Having a proper diet, like eating healthy food and getting the right amount of nutrients will give you a big support in becoming a better athlete; it can boost your energy level and increase your immune system to help your body alive, awake and alert while on training. Always help yourself in tracking your food intake both the macronutrients and calorie intake. Avoid any fast foods or any junk for it will lessen your energy performance, causing you to feel tired always. 

Additional tip, another way to be healthy is a clean home and environment because research show that clutter environment can cause stress. So you should better decluttering you’re home and surrounding.

Get Enough Amount of Sleep

Sleep is very essential in our body, for without it our mind and body will not function properly. Sleep heals our body, it recovers and refreshes us that could make us function well, the proper sleep we get, the more it is easier for us to be effective during workout and trainings. Seven to nine hours of sleep could help your body be better.

Get Support

Support from family and friends will help you to be more motivated on your journey, for their encouragement and support strengthen you in times of distress. Telling them about your plans and asking them to be with you in your journey will lead you to the success that you want to achieve.

Also, reaching out people with the same journey, as you will also help you to be more motivated, you can support and encouraged one another because you have the same experiences. You can reach them out through any social media and other online forums or even in any fitness class.

Everyone of us has its own maximum potential, whatever goals we want to achieve, it will happen if we are determined. Whatever type of training that you will be going through, as long as it will help you in improving your athletic performance, go for it and keep your motivation high!  You can become a better athlete if you focus on the success and if you do not give up.

10 Fabulous Ideas of Room Decoration • Success City

10 Fabulous Ideas of Room Decoration • Success City

10 Fabulous Ideas of Room Decoration • Success City

Decorating rooms are essential for us to express ourselves. After having only had a few months of experience, I have slowly created a great collection of decor ideas that I’m sure you will be able to find the perfect solution in the following post. The whole purpose of creating this kind of galleries is to have an alternative source of inspiration as the local area gives very little inspiration. You should at least have some ideas on how to arrange a single room and to try to connect the areas.

In the galleries that follow, you can find a lot of inspirations with photos of different rooms and decor ideas that I found and followed on Interest. I’ve decided to show you these rooms according to the colors of the room and the decor that best represents these colors. While looking at these photos, you should try to understand the meanings of the space and the purpose of the decor that is used.

Here are the ideas and photos I used for the color inspiration gallery:

Kitchen (color: red)

Kitchen (color: turquoise)

Laundry room (color: green)

Laundry room (color: blue)

Laundry room (color: purple)

Kitchen (color: pink)

Pink Kitchen Theme:

For the first color inspiration gallery I picked a really nice pink kitchen, with marble-like cabinets, organic accessories, a shelf with three shelves for all the cooking tools that are needed for cooking a large meal, wonderful vases for flowers and a large window with a view on the street.

An amazingly big kitchen also inspired by a huge tree with branches and the house of a Disney princess. This kind of decor also defines the color of the wall in this apartment.

Using Flowers:

By taking a look at the flowers that were hung with white pearls, we can recognise that this is the right moment for the red laundry room. A single drawer is the key for keeping the clothing clean while making it easy to wash and dry it. The wall and the dark blue dresser contrasts with the bright white towel with a fancy design.

Furniture Hack:

All of the white furniture and the pastel colored flowers in the first room are the perfect combination for the sun room. The white bed and the light blue rug feel completely out of place with the velvet-curtained windows. The white, pink and red style interiors make this room feel very futuristic.

Bathroom Theme:

The pink bathroom is also a great option, as it has a cozy feel. It includes white walls with pink and blue and brings a lot of colors with the art work and shelves with the pastel-colored wallpapers.

Green Theme

The second room is again a great idea with a green color and the woods that complete it. The furniture is the ideal way to highlight the green shade and also has a very beautiful look.

We can start looking for a good paint in this space with an organic tree image. The whole room is just glowing with green, giving the whole place the feeling of a forest.

Blue theme:

The bright blue upholstery of the sofa and the table, combined with white accessories, such as the lamps and the framed photos of the beach. The interesting gold photo frame hanging over the sofa also add a nice touch.

The room with the table with the good-quality table is a very nice combination for the bedroom. Everything goes well with the warm tone of the walls.

Anime Theme:

Some people tastes good at anime themes. As they are great fan of these things. Decorating walls with those Japanese heroes and female characters. The most famous one is dakimakura. Grab some dakimakura products from dakimakura shop online

Here we can see a pretty bright and spacious room that is one of my favorites. The wall decoration is perfect and helps the room feel more open. The perfect addition to this room is the old worktop lamp and the wooden stool.

Dinner Table:

This is a good place for people who want to relax with a huge dinner table in the middle of the room.

All of the blue walls and the pastel green sofa, with the white curtains, creates a soft and calm look in the dining room.

Enhances Corner:

This picture is a perfect combination of color and place in the living room. The blue corner gives us a glimpse of the sea and the pastel wall papers add a lot of personality to the space.

Here is another place with a huge green wall and the tables, the cabinets and the wooden shelf are the key for bringing out the true colors of the room.

Living Rooms Theme:

For the first bedroom I’ve picked a very nice mint green dresser with wood edges. The color of the walls, combined with the white accessories, creates an amazingly romantic atmosphere for a big bed.

Another nice combination of color and place is in the living room of the first apartment. The black square elements in the back creates a cozy and cozy look, while the pastel furniture matches perfectly with the wallpaper.

The living room of the second apartment features the most beautiful view of the city. It’s also interesting to notice that the strong colors and the pastel nature of the design of the space creates a very serene atmosphere.

All of the whiteness of the walls gives the perfect idea to the green and white bedroom. The wooden furniture is the perfect way to highlight the natural color of the room.

After leaving the second apartment, we found a similar kitchen with an organic look. In this kitchen, all the appliances are made out of wood, while the carpet brings out the green and also reminds us of the mushroom design.

The third and last picture is the office, where a huge painting of an airplane with a sail will make the office feel as if it’s very close to the sky.

Should Older Adults Take HIV PrEP or Not? Complete Guide • Success City

Should Older Adults Take HIV PrEP or Not? Complete Guide • Success City

It would presumably astound not many that the pace of new HIV contaminations among grown-ups beyond 50 years old is critical and developing. Today generally 21% of all new HIV analyses are among more established grown-ups, of which a fourth of these are among seniors matured 60 and over.

While one may expect that the prevalence of erectile brokenness drugs like Viagra or Cialis is energizing these high transmission rates, the straightforward reality is that we, as a general public, will in general accept that individuals beyond 60 and 70 years old don't have solid, and surprisingly hearty, sex lives. Also, that is plainly false.

Thusly, specialists frequently neglect to examine more secure sex with their more seasoned patients or even question them about their sexual practices. Supplier uneasiness joined with misinterpretations about HIV hazard among some more seasoned grown-ups winds up leaving decidedly a lot implicit.

Lately, the accessibility of HIV pre-openness prophylaxis (PrEP) has offered in danger people a way to all the more likely shield themselves from contamination. Endorsed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2012, the once-day by day pill procedure has appeared to diminish the danger of HIV by around 96% in certain high-hazard populaces.

In view of this, current direction from the U.S. General Health Services (USPHS) suggests that any individual at "generous danger of contamination" be given PrEP as a feature of a thorough HIV anticipation methodology. What's more, that incorporates more seasoned grown-ups, regardless of whether hetero, sexually unbiased, or gay.

However in spite of government endeavors to expand PrEP take-up, numerous more established grown-ups stay questionable regarding whether it is ideal for them, regularly referring to medicine cost or the weight of day by day drug adherence as key obstructions. Others, in the meantime, trust themselves enough secured by condoms or by sexual exercises viewed as of lower hazard. oncohiv.com to take hiv medicine.

To others still, PrEP is a choice they accept should be weighed unbiasedly and on an individual premise, estimating the likely advantages against expected results.

A HIV Advocate Questions PrEP Use in Seniors

In a publication in the May 2016 issue of Advocate, Stuart Sokol, a 71-year-old, HIV negative gay man who filled in as boss for both the National AIDS Hotline and the Los Angeles County Commission on HIV Health Services, offered his point of view with regards to whether seniors and PrEP were as fitting a blend as some wellbeing authorities propose.

"Regardless of the current practice to get the recently tainted clinical treatment," contended Sokol, "we realize it requires a long time from the underlying openness to HIV until the primary indications spread the word about themselves. This could be as long as from eight to 12 years, or even 15."

"Those dates would place me into my 80s," Sokol kept, adding, "Totally, on the off chance that I were in my 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s or 60s, I would hop on the chance, yet in my 70s, I don't know."

Sokol further addressed whether individuals of his age bunch, who may almost certainly have clinical worries that require normal registration and lab tests, would submit to extra blood tests to screen both their HIV status and conceivable medication results. And keeping in mind that Medicaid and most health care coverage strategies would cover PrEP in their medication models, the co-installments and deductibles could alone be restrictive for a few.

Sokol likewise referred to an absence of information among clinicians as an issue confronting numerous needing data about PrEP advantages and downsides. oncohiv.com to take hiv medicine.

"Neither my essential consideration specialist nor my urologist was approaching about their contemplations (with respect to PrEP)," said Sokol. "They either cautioned against results or proposed the HIV facility. Truly?"

Exploration will in general help Sokol's case. In 2015, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) detailed that 34% of essential consideration for wellbeing suppliers in the U.S. had never at any point caught wind of PrEP. Of the individuals who did, many alluded patients to expert treaters regardless of endeavors by the CDC and USPHS to guarantee specialists that PrEP care could and ought to be directed inside the aegis of essential consideration.

Indeed, even among HIV explicit practices, there are still remaining parts hesitant to carry out PrEP in patients, with just 17% detailed truly having endorsed the medication.

(By and large, customer take-up in the U.S. stays unobtrusive, for certain examinations proposing that somewhere in the range of 22,000 and 25,000 Americans may right now be on PrEP.)

Contentions in Support of PrEP in Seniors

Notwithstanding slacking figures, PrEP utilization was almost multiple times higher among individuals in their mid-to late-40s than those in their 20s, proposing that more seasoned age (just as pay, perspectives, and a more noteworthy consciousness of preventive wellbeing as a rule) offered less boundaries to treatment.

Allies of PrEP further point sexual perspectives and practices that can put numerous seniors at higher danger of contamination. Among the worries:

Exploration recommends that upwards of one-in-five grown-ups beyond 50 years old take part in high-hazard insertive sex, regardless of whether butt-centric or vaginal.
Condom use will in general diminish as one gets more seasoned, from 24% in people matured 50 to 59 to just 17% in people matured 60 to 69.
62% of men and 78% of ladies have never talked about their sexual wellbeing with a specialist since turning 50.
Various examinations have shown that more established guys frequently don't utilize condoms because of the failure to support an erection.
Furthermore, numerous more established ladies with HIV accept neither they nor their HIV-negative accomplice needs a condom since they are post-menopausal.

Keeping away from HIV turns out to be significantly more basic in more seasoned grown-ups given the high occurrence of existing together ailments when contrasted with more youthful populaces. Besides, recently contaminated seniors regularly have lower CD4 tallies at the hour of analysis, just as having a more extreme CD4 decrease—giving to more fast illness movement.

HIV treatment can likewise be confounded in more established grown-ups as they are bound to be treated for different conditions, for example, hypertension, cardiovascular illness, lung issues, and diabetes. This means a higher danger of medication drug connections, just as entanglements identified with dosing timetables and medication adherence.

Together, these issues support the utilization of PrEP, if just to keep away from the inconveniences of disease and treatment in more established grown-ups.

Settling on the Right Choice for You

Regardless of whether PrEP is suitable for you is something you and your PCP need to settle on an individual premise, with total honesty of both the advantages and disadvantages of utilization dependent on your own conditions and hazard. What it unquestionably isn't is a one-size-fits-all arrangement.

It ought to likewise be recollected that PrEP isn't intended to be an independent apparatus. Condoms, a decrease in the quantity of sex accomplices, and the utilization of antiretroviral treatment in the HIV-positive accomplice should all be investigated as a feature of firm avoidance methodology.

"I love the possibility that there are arrangements that can work," said Sokol. "I'm 100% for it. However I need to consider if (PrEP) is ideal for me."

At last, it is an individual decision—made with full, fair data—that will decide if PrEP is the correct decision for you. Talk with your primary care physician or contact your local AIDS hotline for more data or references to an expert closest you.

Not only climate but men’s health is also degrading in 21st century?See here! • Success City

Not only climate but men’s health is also degrading in 21st century?See here! • Success City

In the headlines, news reports, and in school books everywhere it is highlighted that our mother earth is in danger. There’s no doubt that deforestation, global warming, ozone layer depletion is raising concerns for human inhabitation. 

But many a time the problems of the current inhabitants of the earth are ignored. And especially the problem of men is ignored in times when women empowerment is at its peak. Men have to face the wrath of this. Not one talks as aggressively about men’s health as women’s health. 

It is high time that we start talking and spread awareness about men’s health with the same enthusiasm in women’s empowerment. But every time lack of awareness and education is not the reason behind the poor health of men. Apart from injuries several other factors also affect men's health. 

Not only climate but men’s health is also degrading in 21st century?See here! • Success City

Lacking the ability to change with time

In the past decade or even from the centuries, men have taken control of the whole family. If we go back in time since early men began inhabiting the earth. When we were not Homo sapiens but Homo erectus. People moved in groups or in communities to remain safe from predators and the leader of the group was a male. 

The females in the group were given the responsibility of handling the children and supporting the family. Those were the times when we couldn’t speak properly. Now the majority of the world is educated and can browse the internet. Now we understand that all humans irrespective of gender, caste, creed, religion should be given equal opportunities. 

But some men who are in the habit of patriarchy are still not able to get over this outdated thinking of controlling everyone in the family. Even in the 21st century, this problem hasn’t been eradicated. 

In the recent studies by acclaimed universities across the world. It was found how even today men in respectable positions of institutes and multinational companies feel uncomfortable working under female bosses. One can see how deep-rooted the problem is. 

It will require decades of nurturing of thoughts of equality and gender roles. The problem is the same in every part of the world in underdeveloped, developing as well as developed countries. 

Ego problem

Apart from the patriarchal mentality men also suffer from ego problems. This problem also has some similarities with the hierarchy. Or you may say as a result of hierarchical thought ego is generated.

In ego, the male member determines to perform a certain task no matter what will be its consequences. In one of the incidents where ego problem became much more than just a personal problem but it emerged as a community disorder in men. 

In the recent reports of the number of farmers who committed suicide in various parts of the world were released. When media persons interviewed the wife, children of the dead farmer, they found out that the reason for suicide was increasing debt which they were unable to pay. The wives of those farmers responded that they wanted to help the family, but they were not permitted by their husbands to work outside.

This shows that even in grave situations where there is a scarcity of one meal the ego factor remains active. Many psychiatrists were of the view that poverty is the main reason for farmer suicide but subtly ego problems cannot be ignored. 

If that wife had been working somewhere definitely the things could have been a little better. Even the ego problem is a centuries-old problem continuing since time immemorial. So, getting rid of the problem will only happen in one night but several generations have to work together to achieve the goal.

How is men’s health impacted by these issues?

Previously we learned how we got a simple-looking ego problem costed the life of farmers. Thinking all-time responsibilities of your family can be nerve-wracking. 

Such types of men when exposed to people of progressing minds they are unable to function in front of them. They fear that their outdated thoughts would be confronted which would make them feel guilty. The family life of such men is already ruined. Children also look for opportunities to go away from the family as soon as possible because of the toxic environment at home. 

From now on when you see an old man having all the necessities and wealth and living alone separated from his wife and children. Remember that at his young age he must have been an egoistic person and a patriarchal who liked to impose his thoughts on everyone.

No one wants to spend his/her life with a man who is ignorant of others except himself. And such people deserve such endings. 

Not only old people but even men of 40 years age have been separated from the family. Some are fragile unable to handle a great deal of stress and succumb to depression and anxiety. Or many people get addicted to alcohol, smoking, or even illegal drugs. 

Daily life problems

High blood pressure, increased heartbeat, loneliness become a common sight for such men. The simple organic process of the body like urination, excretion is hampered. 

They become regular consumers of large varieties of drug which have their share of side effects. Cenforce 100 is always on their list of monthly shopping. 

Even in the workplace, such people lack self-confidence, self-esteem, and the lack of courage. Seeing some other women happy with their partner incites a feeling of vacancy in them. But they don’t realize that the reason for such a situation is their own path following.

Do such deep-rooted problems have a solution?

Surely every problem in the world has some other solution. Even the hardest game in the world has a solution. 

For such thinking problems, there are solutions but it needs the cooperation of the society as well as the democratically elected governments. It is known to everyone that no discrimination should happen based on gender, caste, religion, etc. But despite providing modern education these instances are still happening in the world. 

To solve this men’s problem the first step should be taken in homes, schools, and government institutions by elevating the status of women. Or else the cases of suicide and depression would surely see a huge spike in the coming future.