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The soul with seriousness and position of seclusion
in life, we can analyse that everything has both aspects
positive and negative
(in different directions and ways)
Do you like being alone? or do you hate it?
Some people consider 'being alone' as a nasty thing. It either means you are antisocial or unwanted, none of which is an honest place to be in.but in fact being alone is not always a bad thing, because there are a handful of advantages that arise once you learn to accept isolation and begin to enjoy it.
I'm not personally advocating you to go and survive alone.because, no one can argue the benefits and the joy that come along with fulfilling relationships with other people.
I'm saying that once you learn to enjoy being alone, you’re going to grow as a person!
Now see,

sometimes It seems necessary for the self, 
(as today)while sometimes it happens due to mental stress and lots of anxieties relates to daily life.
sometimes it depends on what's going on our mind (either positive or negative)
is it good to survive alone ?
yes! whenever you're getting stressed inside or feels negative vibes outside, it is definitely beneficial to survive alone and protect yourself from both.
it makes yourself different and unique than others. 
and seems that you're not in society flows 

Of course dude! it is hundred percent good and beneficial for self. if we prefer to be alone , there will more chances of good vibes (if and only in positive way) and progress in our field.
how!? if, we prefer to be alone there will be no longer any kind of distractions in the life. (like your comfort zone and negative areas) even sometimes, it will give you power to make changes towards your next move and growth of maturity

it will provide you fine and good vibes even spiritual peace inside.

It also gives you new profile and impression in society.
because whenever you're alone, you don't have any kind of pressure or tension and you don't care about anyone or anything so, you're feel totally free inside.
whenever you're in public or society, your focus stays only on yourself and that is biggest benifit for this situation.

How can it provides you spiritual growth?
as included back,
It can make yourself different from other, whenever you have no fear or any kind of tension, you can give your best performance in your field or your way. even you can achieve more than you wished for, because there is no exist any kind of competition or temptation/fear of appeare top.
three biggest benifits of being alone are as follows,
It allows our brains to recharge.
It can increases productivity and boosts creativity in mankind.
It can lead with depression and stress.

When you're in,
you will just start talking with your soul..yes, it is your life and you can manage it in your own way. 

it is also benificial in many personal ways, like zero tolerance of negative zone, time management becomes easy, gives high rated efficiency etc.
but, it must be maintained in proper way. it should be managed by suitable time period

Although, likewise every things has both views are at same, positive and also seems in this situation.
So what?
staying alone with long term duration, gives some undefined injuries mentally.
It is obviously beneficial in short duration, that limit provides by the self. how? analyse yourself and put yourself in proper understanding that how much you can stay in this situation. another one, you can set yourself in suitable biological clock or set the timings for it.

otherwise (if you don't follow setted timings) you'll see many abnormal changes in your personality and attitude. if you stay alone for longer periods, there will be problematic situation in your personal zone, like family and relatives.
it can affects direct to your common nature and normal behaviour. it makes yourself with full of Irritability and unconsciousness.

Too much time alone is bad for our physical and mental health. have found that social isolation and loneliness can increase the likelihood of mortality by up to 30%. 
Researcher claim, “Being well-connected isn't only influential for psychological and emotional well-being but it also features a significant and positive influence on physical well-being and overall longevity.” It is important to take care of strong social connections, albeit you favorto spend a majority of some time alone.

it makes yourself lack of humbled and full of overthink
there is one famous adage in the Gujarati, 
It means, of course everything can be beneficial !
but, only in limited duration and only in proper time period. 

I think that being alone is not simple and it gives more power to ourselves than usual. 
(but only with positive vibes)

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