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Hey Amen !

Let's discuss about what is the LOVE and

what it's important or requirement to our life..

we're living in that kind of society, where people feels shyness for discussion above love and sex but, ahead of this limited mindset.

Let's begin!

To know that, first of all let's we talk about human mindset and lifestyle.

we all have different mind and different thinking,

we're used to make different decisions and actions in

our routine and lifestyle. but,sometimes out of this,

we feel something special feeling and/or connection with colleagues or nearby society towards opposite gender and sexuality. so, what is that? is it normal?

should we grow-up it?

Okay, back to the topic

Human being is accustomed to fall in love, but question is that why? is it normal?

Yes, dude! it's definitely normal while teenage.(adolescence) But, it's only for physical-attraction.

we have to understood that

It both are different things, physical attraction and love.

What is the basic difference between physical attraction and love ?

In simple words,

Physical Attraction can happen any time of the day, while love is something that takes time to grow.

love entails attraction but, physical attraction can exist without love. You can simply say you're interested in someone due to their beauty, talents and personality, but love goes beyond that.

And that's much different feeling than comman attraction.


But still question is that WHY?

In scientific point of view,

This is because when faced with a real love interest our brains and hormones go wild.


but, psychology says that we fall in love,

because of,

1.Social influences: a possible union that satisfies general social norms, also as acceptance of the potential union within one’s social network, can contribute to people falling crazy . By contrast, a union that doesn't satisfy general social norms or isn't accepted by one’s social network, may result in people rupture of affection .

2.Filling needs: If a person can fulfill needs for companionship, love, sex or mating, there is a greater chance that the other person will fall in love with him or her.

Another five reasons maybe take place to explain why we fall in love are

Readiness: The more you want to be in a relationship, the lower your self-esteem and the more likely you are to fall in love,Specific Cues, Arousal/unusualness,

Isolation: Spending time alone with another person also can contribute to a development of passion.

And If there is some mystery surrounding the other person and uncertainty about what the other person thinks or feels, wondering when he or she will initiate contact can also contribute to passion.

In philosophical words,

we're as humans, wired to love. we seek love, and therefore the compassion and happiness it brings.

we desire the warmth of beings that care for us, and we want someone to care for.



In Spiritual World,

Love is form of an energy, love has power to extend our insided spirit and truth, even it spread our mindset in all four directions.


But, this can be discrete by different opinions and different point of views of society.

as today's world,


some of this call it just timepass, responsibility, kind of anxiety,


for some, this can be a part of life and livelihood.

But Personal advise to the genaration that it can't be just as just timepass, like gf,bf,dating, chatting,breakup, etc.

Love is the meeting of two souls, feeling between to real hearts.

when two real hearts are in LOVE,

there is no need of any long drives, expensive gifts, money, kiss, hug or romance...

(compare to today)

even there is none of fear for losing eachother, break ups, no need of dating-chatting

In love/relationship is the feeling that's all about

compromise, trust, commitments, care and understanding.

necessary thing is that,


when we're not in love or relationship, but in attraction. we must be able to identify it's different

and we don't have to chase or follow our party

otherwise it can create problems in life regards to our future.


Maturity is that, both parties should be enough in love,

there is no meanings of one-sided or first sight love.

If for awhile we forget about big impulse, there should no reason to give-up on eachother.

(compare to today) otherwise, your love is not true.

there no failure in love, if it's really true.


True relationship contains help and support

(as today)

even it contains love, hurt, tears, fights, pain, arguments, jealousy and most importantly Patience.

love should be unconditional, but respect and trust are never.

At last, as both sides of coin, we should also discuss about lust/attraction or Fake love.

that contains,

At first sight, temporary, inability of trust and mostly based on body attachment (physical relation)


spiritually keep believe that,

universal energy is working with us and we don't have to find our soulmates.

it will come on their time, at right situation and circumstances.

(today's move on and breakups in relation)

once, we're in that illution,

we should maintain it with balance between your different circles (like study or love?)


I'm personally deep beliver that, 

love borns from understanding and never dies.

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