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Sometimes, we must ask a question to ourselves,
Are we living with ourselves?
Are we on right way?
you're on right way, if
Today, mostly we're not living life that should be like
special and unique.
we're forgetting our basic AIM and NAME, Human beings. but, It's more important to being human
it's apart of basic moral of the life but, even though it's necessary for better and sufficient life.

it should be deserve with our abilities and skills but, even though some of us can't find their skills and knowledge towards passion for career. because their pretends to be with flow or be with normal routine which given by limited dreams (some fix their limit for dreaming)

so, what kind of life should be better?
find your ability to work with higher and healthy mindset, be mentally prepare for selecting the aim.
don't go more ahead than positivity and back of negativity, while it
also be good for everyone who supports you 
anyhow (ex. for make your dreams come true)

don't forget ever who helped you in your worst situation and who leaved you alone in same situation.
(some after, we'll be able to justify that parents are truest people ever)
if we focus on today,
we're now at top of technological world, new inventions are creating by scientists daily.
sometimes we just thinks that this is the best life..
but dude! your life is not yours untill you're not awake with yourself (spiritually)

firstly, what is the spiritual world ?
The imaginary place consistent with Spiritualism, is that the world or real inhabited by spirits, both good or evil of varied spiritual manifestations. Whereas religion regards an inner life, the imaginary place is considered an external environment for spirits.

now see,
why we're wasting our energy in negative direction ?
major reason for this, is unavailability of presence of mind
we just focus in what is going on.. no matter how's it,
good or not.
it is really worst strategy of the generation.
we have to make clarify that think before it's too late
and break this brorken-strategy (word given by own)
we must have seriousness about what is necessary thing as well as what is not.
find the obstacles, which are responsible for that and put you down towards negativity. they're biggest enemy in our current life
think differently, but no matter it is different than others or not. (forget about outsiders
according to survey, social media is the highest rated factor which responsible for undue negativity and 
quarrel in the society.
another one is freedom of teenagers given by unresponsive parenting. (unnecessarily)

as well-heard word "subconscious mind" 
what we have known about it ?
our conscious mind commands and our subconsciousobeys. our subconscious mind is an unquestioning servant. It works day and night to form our behavior fits a pattern according to our emotionalized thoughts, hopes, and desires.
we can control it only with our conscious mind, 
present mind.
so subconscious mind, it's nothing but it works on what we behave or what we do!
it's also affected by biological clock.
Spiritual Mind is the key to know yourself, who you are
and why you're made for!
it's a good for everyone who believes in theirselves.
spirituality and potential towards positive energy,
both are responsive for make  a successful person.

spiritual mind is one of the necessary factor for awakening with ourselves and be happy with self!

What do you think about it?
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Thank You!

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