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Sleep is one of the major part of our lifestyle (previously) we have already discussed about it's importance and priority. History says that there is one of the biggest factor responsible for successful people, is their sleep management. not just for this, but also for own health and wellness it is required definitely.
Let we know about how to get it properly and become a morning person !

It's a 5 o'clock In morning, someone is still working on!
they had spent full night on workout opon that!
another one is really capable to wake up at 3, in the morning!
Oh shit! it's impossible, dude how it possible ?
I'm too lazy to woke in early mornings ! i can't awake at 4.00am! than how can i think about 3.00am ?
Here, we'll try to get answers of above mentioned.
For them, who are in teenage, sleep plays a critical role in feeling happy, staying healthy, maintaining good marks, and perform well in sports. But sleep doesn’t come easily for some of them. For those who feels struggle, it’s important to look at their screening time. An increased amount of screen time during the day has been directly linked to insomnia and symptoms of depression in adolescents. This can include social messaging, web surfing, watching TV, and video gaming, (sometimes also in addition to using the internet for schoolwork). The presence of electronic devices in teenagers lives isn’t going anywhere or nearly.
that's how, understanding its effects on the sleep is really important.

Let see, How to manage this sleeping time.
  • Restrict yourself from using electronics and screen devices before falling into sleep.
  • Make a sleep schedule, not only for wake up but also for go to bed. stay sticked with it even during weekends. this will help you to manage sleep and sleep with consistency.
  • If feels trouble to fall in sleep  during night, avoid afternoon naps and heavy meals in the evening.
  • Evaluating the space of sleep is matters alot. so, make it suitable and comfortable for you.
  • Avoid bright light in the evening and expose yourself to sunlight in the morning, this will scientifically beneficial.
  • Our body and mind needs time to shift into sleep mode, so spend the last hour before bed doing a calming activities such as reading. some are used to sleep with darkness, so avoid bright light before go to bed or turn on low resolution lights.
  • When it is hard to fall in sleep, push up yourself to do silly things, that makes you tired and irritated.
  • If you're addicted person to cigarettes and alcohol, Avoid it especially in evening and night.
  • If you still struggling with this, use sleep exercise and learn about sleep hygiene. (what is this ? click here to know more)

Once we're able to manage our sleep time, we have to focus on awaking in the early morning.
Firstly, it is important to get enough sleep before wake up in the early morning. After and only, (if we have spent enough time and quota of sleep) we can think about it.
because if we do the same, neither there will something to achieve nor we will get work done effectively. you can find out lots of ideas related to wake up earlier in the internet but, here's given some effective and easiest to become a morning person.

  • Create right and written routine to wake up earlier and such environment that expose yourself to sunlight (or morning lights) and morning sounds.
  • Get enough sleep when feel tired, but keep yourself restricted with screens and out of electronic devices.
  • Set alarm clock as far as posible to hear and Stop pressing snooze button (if addicted with alarm).
  • After alarming, there is no meaning of laziness and rest, so get quickly move as possible.
  • Set your biological clock used to early breakfast and exercises.
  • Be habituated to do work out in early mornings.
  • Find out reason to wake up early and be a self-motivated person. (try if even there's no reason, as always self- understanding matters at last.)

However, there are many ways to be habitat for get up early. To know in deep about sleep, Click here.
We should understand that Self-agreement and understanding empacts more positively.. 
Are you agree ? (comment if yes.)

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