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Satisfied Soul !
Happiness is when your life fulfills your needs and it is only comes through satisfaction.
Man can not live happy and productive life without satisfaction so let break tensions, worries and anxieties of daily life and be satisfied with itself!
We seems satisfaction as only fulfilment of one's wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure derived from this.

But, Actually is it enough ? or true for better life ?
How can we define it ? what is exactly the meaning of sufficient and satisfied person. how much it matters ?
Money, Diamonds, Gold, Silver and Properties are these able to give satisfaction in mankind ? what is the proper definition of satisfied person or whose can we call completely satisfied person? can it be possible to survive without these all and become spiritually advanced ? 
or How can one get distance from insatiable stage ?
At last we'll show that how can one get it without ideas above this !
One, who is not with satisfied mindset called Synonyms as indissatisfied or also belongs with other emotions such as annoyed, begrudging, bothered, complaining or disaffected. eventually satisfaction is a pleasant or positive emotion. It can also be a feeling. It can even be a state of mind. Satisfaction is when a desire or a requirement is fulfilled. Satisfaction is when we're unconditionally happy and joyful regardless of the circumstances in our life. illustration by she was right, i achieved my goal, he loves a lot her.. etc
Satisfaction is required, for not only does greater life satisfaction make us feel happier and easily enjoy life more, it also features a positive impact on our health and well-being. Without life satisfaction, there is disharmony in the inner & outer self. It gives rise to feeling of emptiness, uneasiness and meaninglessness in the life. When one refer to life satisfaction, he/she can assess the extent to which individual feel that they are leading a meaningful life.
there are different definitions and types of satisfaction in individual or different fields (for example there is difference between business related and spiritual life)
Buddha gave preach on satisfaction that 
Satisfied life is better than a life without achievement. Since our success is calculated by others, but our own soulmate, mind and heart measure our happiness and satisfaction too. he was used to say that People who know satisfaction, even if poor, are richer than those who do not know satisfaction, even if rich (they are poor).

In our Indian philosophy, satisfaction aslo includes the capacity for enjoyment i.e. more enjoyment leads to more happiness. (but is it right ?)
see, just simply enjoyment of life is only one thing required for satisfied soul? 
No, somewhere it's a foolish mindset. why we give more priority to enjoyment, when there's necessary other emotions too.! yes, of course! there is sadness, anger, worries also important to learn the moral of life and to understand and feel negative impacts of it. (see if we're not passing through it, how can we grow up in the way of life where many emotions are distributed equally?)
So, if we think about only of enjoyment for satisfaction, it's not right. maturity is that we shouldn't have definition of satisfaction only as enjoyment. satisfaction did not come from it. we have to be used to survive with tough situations and it's reactions above us, how we treat ourselves in that or keep positive response towards it, will define and calculate the measurement of satisfaction

Life satisfaction is that the way people demonstrate their feelings (moods), emotions and their long-term feelings about their directions and options. Life satisfaction requires a positive approach to one's life, rather than an assessment of current feelings.
(source: Wikipedia)

What psychology says about satisfaction ?
In Sumner's words (1966) Life satisfaction is “A positive evaluation of the conditions of our life, a judgement that at least on balance, it measures up favourably against our standards or expectations.”
According to Hamilton (1995) in the Dictionary of Developmental Psychology, life satisfaction is the degree of contentment with one’s own life style. and Andrew (1974) told that life satisfaction represents an overarching criterion or ultimate outcome of human experience.

Which factors are attached or involved with satisfaction ?
mainly there are two types of factors, affecting or relating to satisfaction.

physiological - needs includes food, clothing, dwelling & sex.
psychological - needs include self-esteem, attitude, social intelligence, mental health, anxiety, frustration, life skills, emotional stability.
social - needs include strong family support (satisfaction with spouse, with children and with rest of family), social participation, social support social cognitive skills, family relationships, social status and other social outlets and affiliations.
educational - needs include knowledge, attitudes, values, etc. 


social circle/friendship - satisfaction with friends and
availability of time to spend with them.
geographical/residential - trash collection, public transport, road conditions, public lights, neighbourhood safety and trust in local authorities.
occupational, - such as promotion, recognition, freedom, salary, job-security, work itself, job status, friendliness of head, relationship with employees, achievement and working conditions

there's also one more type belongs to satisfaction is xyz field related (for example, work, business, etc)

No more matter there how many types of satisfaction, but one thing matter how to earn or gain it in the life
there are many ways to feel satisfied with the self. out of them, some best are given below: 
  1. Must focus on the positive. 
  2. Find your own way to stress relief. 
  3. Don't be shy/afraid to take time for yourself. 
  4. Be mature to take responsibility for your actions. 
  5. Be more understandable with self.
  6. Re-evaluate the relationships. 
  7. Live the best life.
We should understand that satisfied soul is root of life and it is important for one's life,  with some of above ideas we can gain it and also get prevent from insatiability. 
Do you have more ideas ? share with us (if yes)

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