If You Want To Be A Winner, Change Your Time Philosophy Now! • Success City

If You Want To Be A Winner, Change Your Time Philosophy Now! • Success City

If You Want To Be A Winner, Change Your Time Philosophy Now! • Success City
Sunday, February 2, 2020


the undefinable word that we can heard oftentimes during full day and in every situation, (no matter how good it or not) but we can see that it's meaning is huge compare to only four letters (TIME) 

Let get started!
Routine, Today, Tomorrow, Weekends, Last Month, Next Year , these words are part of our daily consumption and relates to the Time.
What is this time? 
moments of life, which we spent in separate zones,
commonly we devide our time in three different parts,
past, present and future.
we can't put time in simple definition, actually time is nothing but it is only the moment where we are included in! time couldn't seen by open eyes, it can just feel outside and as well inside. we can't arrest time in our watches and it can't seems by our regular mindset like today, tomorrow and yesterday. (they are just a measurement of concept) time is that feeling, which we can not just feel, but even work opon it in many ways. (illustrate: this present) time has no control over our way. human hasn't power to control on their past or future, we can just make changes towards our present.even that is only valid at last.
resultant of any failure or success, depends opon action taken by present. (at that time)

Is that enough meaning for Time ? (time has many meanings in different fields like scientific, spiritual, philosophical etc
No, we can define the time in many ways, such as follows:

In physical science, 
time is defined as a measurement, or as what the clock face reads time, a measured or measurable period, a continuum that lacks spatial dimensions. Time is of philosophical interest and is also the subject of mathematical and  investigation.

In math, time is oftenly defined because the ongoing and continuous sequence of events that occur in succession, from the past through this to the longer term.

Although, time is that unstoppable thing, which no man can stop for awhile or forever. it is such an ocean, which waits for no one and flows forever without cares about anyone.
it is that money which can only use "one" time (in present) and neither we can earn it back (in past) nor 
it can earn more than it's limit (in future).
and it's value can't be calculated by today's hollow things (like money, diamonds, gold, silver, etc)

So, we have to understood that time is important definitely, but only in present moment, it is neither depends on past nor on future. 'this moment' (where you're reading this article) is only validate at eventually.
even as it's measure tends to be smaller, it's value grows up. (ex.one minute is precious than an hour)

Now see,
velocity of the time is same at all (not scientifically)
there are lots of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years in whole life. but those are only scale for it.
while, if there is no control of ourselves opon present
it is effective directly for future. (also positive as well as negative) that's how, it should be most expensive and important thing in our life.

Further, it affects our lifestyle much differently. it must be managed and compatible with our daily lives and also for our current field/position/status. (if not, it has that power, which can affects our life with negative impact for example, it can destroy our reputation if we became late in meeting.)
Time is effective because once you throw it out the window, an error committed is forgiven but not forgotten and life goes on.time doesn't stop for anyone, time doesn't slow down, it doesn't offer you an opportunity so you'll finish that paper that's due in two hours, the clock keeps ticking, deadlines are missed.

Everything that matters us alot, must have proper management and suitable propaganda in the life.
(no matter if it is money or time) time is also one of that precious thing.
Time management is key to success and much matters for good life.it seems not easy, even not impossible for beings. (homo-sapiens)
We can say, time management is first step towards life management, therefore it is obviously necessary thing.

Good time management allows ourselves to accomplish more during a shorter period of your time , which results in more free time, which lets us cash in of learning opportunities, lowers our stress, and helps us to maintain focus, which leads to more career success. aach benefit of time management improves another aspect of our life.

given five important tips for time management, that can be helpful

There are also exists negative and unnecessary factors, which can become our biggest enemy in time management and full life. (like, skip your important work and placed it by playing games) maturity is that,
identify those factors with positive mindset and kill them forever.

time is most expensive thing than any other. that's why I think that it should be our third lord.
(expect to our parents)
What are you think for? comment below.
Thank you!

If You Want To Be A Winner, Change Your Time Philosophy Now! • Success City
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