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Let today, be a 'Men' and discuss above women empowering and some psychological expectations of women. Also will try to understand it briefly.
Who the 'women' is? Opposite of Men? 
Servant of man? (in the sense of wife)  
How she is mostly afflicted? (as today it's sad reality!)
What factors are responsible for women's outrage?
What is the empowerment of women? and How one can give their contribution to make it happen ?

Women's empowerment is all about allowing women to make decisions through the different problems in society and family that could be life-determining.

As well-sense we know that a woman is a female human being. Typically the word woman is reserved for an adult, girl is the common term for a female child or teenager.
But in Indian society, she is in actual creater of 'Men'(not in the sense opposite of men), who gives birh to his own enemy! In addition, domestic violence is a major problem in India. Reality is something that she wants only happy family and she never wishes that her family face to such problems that she can maintain easily. So she seems selfish for her family more than herself. In society, she feels like she is the last witness of murder case! mostly she lives her life in lots of tension and like a slave girl. in some countries, the women who do actually work get paid less than their male counterparts. it is really unfair to pay someone less for the same work just because of their gender.
why there is too much bondage towards her ?
(it's a sad reality) It is hundred percent disgraceful that when we try to find something about women in india on wikipedia, it shows very poor and disgusting details to us and google says that India is amongst the countries which are not safe for women. we need to empower these women to speak up for themselves and never be a victim of injustice.

Women in India have to face a lot of issues such they have to go through gender discrimination, harassment, sexual abuse, lack of education, dowry-related harassment, much more. crime against women such as rape, acid throwing, dowry killings, honour killings, and the forced prostitution of young.

We got that 'she' (in the sense of women) has a lots of years through at the hands of men, for example, sati system. long long time ago, they were treated as almost non-existent. As if all the freedoms were just anything for man only as basic as voting, election etc. she was not allowed to pursue higher education, they were married off early. Empowering women is goes beyond these all!

All right, but still there question is that how to empower the women ? 
There are different ways one can empower women. The individuals and government must both come together to make it possible.for example, vodafone sakhi seva, mahila abhyam-181,Nari Service etc. were good steps towards women empowerment. Girl's education must be made mandatory so women can become analphabetes in order to make a life for themselves.

People in every sector, regardless of gender, must be given equal opportunities. Moreover, they must also be given equal pay. We can empower women by stopping and antagonize child marriage. Various programs must be held where they can be taught skills to fend for themselves in case they face financial crises.
Most importantly, the shame of divorce and abuse must be thrown out of the window. Many women remain in abusive relationships because of social terror. parents need to teach their daughters that it's okay to come home divorced instead of in a coffin.

Empowerment includes equipping and the action of raising the status of women through education, individual awareness, literacy, and training. There on began the revolution for women empowerment. factors that responsible for lower level of women in many ways in society includes death during childbirth, illiteracy and ignorance, rape violent attacks on women, etc. However, there are various reasons for this. Like, women in India are in danger of honor killings. Their family thinks they are entitled to take their lives if they bring shame to their legacy 's reputation. Overall, these factors have an adverse effect on the economic, emotional and physical wellbeing of women. Further, a woman's ill health affects not only her as an individual, but her family get affected too.

Now Let see what psychology says and how one can understand that what she deserves to be ?
1. Man should not jump into problem-solving mode.
2. Recognize that she want to feel connected.
3. Think about how much work she does.
4. Allow her to voice her fears, and support in her efforts to face difficult situations.
5.Understand that communication is a process.
(As, Barbara Markway, Ph.D.,  with over 20 years experience of clinical psychologist)
According to women's attractiveness psychology, people don't care for looks much as men do. there are many more factors that affects to women psychologically for example, eye contact etc. but it's a out of topic discussion and we can find more about it on Wikipedia and other internet sources.
But as a man, our first priority must be her respectequalitysafety and privacy. (no matter if she is known for you or not!) What she actually wants from his men? 
there must be no any limitations to dreaming for her. if she not wanting to do something, he should not violating or force to do that. why he don't think before of slapping and violating that one, who give born to him, is also a kind of women. women is the corner stone of humen beings. allowing her to spread her voice of injustices and crime towards her, must be part of empowering women. she deserves only affection and little bit love of men. 

Thus, we have seen psychology of women and how women empowerment is the need of the hour. and it is possible if and only, we all pledge to see this (women empowerment) as a point of view of fundamentals.
At last, all of us mostly live with lack of education and information (it's truth) only few of us will have ideas that there is some policies for women empowerment also! Check it out from below link (if interested)
National Policy of Women Empowerment. Empowering of women is not just a small topic to discuss at national level, but it is global goal . that's why we celebrate 8th March, as International Women's Day worldwide!

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