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the word sounds like 'an enemy' for society and country, seems dangerous not only for the generation and families, but also for futured country and democratic devlopment. The addiction can destroy mankind in many ways, sometimes financially or sometimes physically too.
Addicted? no matter what kind of, it maybe alcoholic or something else that gives such feeling that we can't stay or live without 'it'.. Let today discuss above this major problem of youth and elders.. and as always, we'll see it's solutions and ideas of prevention from it!

Addiction is a psychological and physical inability to avoid the ingestion of a chemical, drug, operation, or product even though it creates physical and psychological harmony.
It affects families at higher level, for example, drug addiction is one of the social problems that not only creates psychological and social problems for the addict, but also creates problems for their families. smartphone addiction, sometimes known as “nomophobia” (fear of being without a mobile phone), is often fueled by an Internet overuse problem or Internet addiction disorder causes many physical and psychological problems in humans. today's common addiction in youth, cigarette smoking, causes heart problems, stroke and cancer too. When a person is addicted they can not control how they use a substance or take part in an activity and become dependent on it to cope with their daily lives.
Mostly people, start using a drug or first engage in an activity voluntarily. However, addiction can take over of it and reduce their self-control..
We have to start this problem with 'why?' 
why someone get attractiveness for addiction ? which factors are responsible ? mainly psychological factors, genetic predisposition, environmental influences
it can be 'bad' association, lack of work, lots of freedom or free time, stress, anxiety, or sometimes nothing (to feels attractive behaviour). addiction is a biopsychosocial disorder. It's a combination of our genetics, our neurobiology and how that interacts with psychological and social factors.
even more, there are also responsible social factors like family dynamics and interactions, friend circles, social media, general media, sometimes culture/caste or religion, unstable environment..etc
It is important to know that these influences are just higher risk factors. they will typically not same for all the reasons why someone struggles with addiction. 

Scientifically, though everyone's path to get addicted is different, for example, we are discussing about drug addicts,  whether he or she tries a drug or a behavior 
because, it's what the parents or peers of that 
person do what, or simplyout of curiosity what's common across all substance and behavioral addictions. it is their stunning ability to increase levels of an important chemical in the brain called dopamine.
Without dopamine creating feelings of pleasure in the brain, individuals also become more sensitive to negative emotions such as stress, anxiety or of the biggest risk factors is age and gender. . In fact, study from 2014 found that the majority (about 74 %) of 18- to 30-year-olds admitted to treatment programs had started using drugs at age 17 or younger.

Addiction treatment is highly customized, and often involves community or family support from the patient. Treatment can be lengthy, and complicated. Addiction is a lifelong illness that has a number of psychological and physical effects. It can take specific management for each drug or behaviour. When person has an addiction, and they stop taking the substance or engaging in the behavior, they may experience some symptoms. these symptoms includes, anxiety, irritability, tremors and shaking, nausea, vomiting, fatiguea, a loss of appetite, etc.

In medical science, there are some methods to get prevention from addiction.

Methods include:
  • behavioral therapy and counseling
  • medication and drug-based treatment
  • medical devices to treat withdrawal
  • treating related psychological factors, such as depression
  • ongoing care to reduce the risk of relapse
to stop, nomophobia, cognitive behavioral therapy or exposure therapy is mostly suggested by therapist.
Cigarette smoke can have a wide variety of health effects on the body and two of the hardest-hit areas are the lungs and airways. but the good news is that after a person quit smoking, the lungs can heal to a certain extent.. self-care and medication are more important to quit drinking earlier.

In addition, there are many genes, like most behavioral and mental health conditions, that contribute to a person's level of risk or provide some defense from addiction..

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