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Here are some Top Motivational Sentences and Quotes to Inspire Yourself daily
Let's Begin..
You are your own creation.
You are an embodiment of all creation. 
You are what were created. 
You are the choice to live Existence and Being. 
The only limit to what you can be is your faith in your imagination

To be born into this reality represents the entrance into a wonderfully shared illusion, which offers you complete free will in the creation of your own reality. 
that's how, this is your state and condition as creator. 

In the illusion, we believe that we are looking at a separate objective world where we live the Self in others. under this apparent separation We were unified. we are ONE

Reality is the mirror of your being. 
You are the Creation that explores itself in a space-time mirror because in what you choose to believe, it will create your reality. 
You can change your reality by changing your beliefs about yourself and yourself. 

The eyes through which you look really shape what you see. this is now proven by quantum physics too.

Perception is not something passive It's an act of creation. your choice of perception shapes not only how you live yourself, but your whole reality. 

Awakening to your creative state leads you to the experience of your reality, in becoming more fluid and direct. 
This can be the entrance into conscious co-creation. in which what you want is quickly manifested. the key to conscious co-creation is to allow change, the birth of the Unknown into the Known.
The basis of permission is acceptance. 
To change your reality, you want to first accept it. 
As long as you reject what you don't like about your reality, you are denying your creative state by making you feel stuck. 

In order to accept that you are choosing your reality, release the attachments to any preconception about what Life should be like. and instead love WHAT IT IS
This comes about by taking full responsibility for every element of your reality. that is the love of your choice. 
It is the love of yourself. you represent the choice of yourself. 
Release your FEAR
Fear is the fear of the unknown. 
Fear of being without limits. 
Fear creates limitations.
There is a wonderful natural development of Life, which occurs only when you give up the control that is born of fear. 
To deal with your fear, you must allow yourself to be vulnerable and let go of the shield you used to defend yourself. 

All shields are representations of a belief in danger
And that's why they will lead you to the danger you want to protect yourself from. 
As long as you are barricaded behind shields, you will never feel safe.
All that blocks you in life is the manifestation of fear. 

The discovery of freedom is the realization that the only antagonistic force to you is YOU!
You have the key to whatever cage you are in. To cease the appreciation and control of your own being is to release the turmoil and enter the Creation effortlessly and full of joy. it's about to wake up to your creative state and the nature of the illusion. 
It is a natural process, and it takes no more than being without fear of yourself. 
That means opening and listening to your heart. 
This is your freedom
Believe in everything your heart feels to believe
That means living in the present
It is to wake up to the equality of all beings. 
And release prejudices about both you and the world. 
The eternally changing truth is the reflection of the eternal unfolding of the birth of existence that represents Life.
In this state, there is no so-called "Truth." No Answer is needed. Because it's no problem it's about to just BEING. there are not any limits to what you'll be. 
You are infinite
The joy of this Life comes from the complete permission of your own being. 
Inside your heart is a faith and belief but it needs to come it out! 

The meaning of Life is to measure that dream
You can live that dream only if you think you can. 
Believe in your dream. You are liberal to be whatever you would like to be. Allow your being to flourish without limits and control and you will live the boundless love and freedom that define you.

The answer to any question you can think of is inside you. 
Because you are both the Creator and the Observer of everything you live.

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