6 Things You Must Tell Yourself When You’re Feeling Awfully Lazy to Exercise • Success City

6 Things You Must Tell Yourself When You’re Feeling Awfully Lazy to Exercise • Success City

Taking care of the body is a very important responsibility of every person. Needless to say, it is essential to keep oneself healthy and strong inside and out. As everyone knows, regular exercise is one of the major keys to achieving that. With countless benefits, there’s no doubt that exercising is life-changing in many ways. 

While the advantages of regular exercise are no secret, the biggest problem of most people is beginning it and committing to it. Discipline and time are top two requirements, and of course, they are not easy to completely give. In the midst of people’s busy schedules and various priorities, regular exercise is oftentimes not valued. What’s more, laziness is a tough enemy!

Your mood and enthusiasm to exercise are not always vibrant. Sometimes, you do not feel motivated to get out of your bed and run on your exercise equipment. As you wake up, there may be moments when you think twice if you will pick up your feet or will continue sleeping instead. Times when you are lazy to exercise are temptations and tricky traps. Why? Skipping two to three days of working out, especially if you are just a beginner, can easily become four to more days. You can even end up just giving up the whole ‘regular exercise’ idea! Laziness does change one’s lifestyle a lot!

Although there are loads of challenges that come along with devoting yourself to exercise, you must resist the invitation to stop or to not start at all. Your biggest foe is yourself because of laziness. You cannot give in if you really want to live better. When you are feeling awfully lazy to exercise, here are 6 things you must tell yourself! They will help you for sure, so don’t miss this list!

1 - “I have been physically inactive for the past few days, weeks or years.”

Person Running

According to experts, not attaining at least 30 minutes of physical activity within a week makes a person physically inactive. It sounds ‘just fine’ for many, but the truth is that there lies a number of weighty health issues when physical inactivity is present. 

Recall the past days or weeks. Were you able to stretch, jog and sweat off? Or were you sitting all-day everyday due to work and leisure? Maybe it is not just the same for the past weeks but for your whole life! While it is quite comfortable, it really is not a healthful lifestyle.

Take a look back to your days, and remind yourself that you have been physically inactive for long. You have been enjoying the absence of exercise duties, but you are not properly taking care of yourself. A regretful feeling might arise, especially if you are a middle-aged person and if you are experiencing unwanted physical worries now, but you must not focus on that. It’s not too late to exercise! And that is highly possible if you fight the magnet of laziness by dedicating time for your own physical activity!

2 - “My exercise equipment isn’t cheap.”

Person Exercises with dumbbell

Money has always been one of the most pressing boosts in many occasions in life. People are ready to exert efforts to win it and are up to fight for their right for the money they deserve. Sometimes it’s serious; sometimes, it’s funny. 

How will money urge you to work out? Call to mind the price of your fitness ball, your treadmill, your barbells, your bench press, your spin bike, your pull-up bar, your yoga mat. “My exercise equipment isn’t cheap.” This thought will absolutely bring your feet to speedily getting up from your bed. 

Owning exercise equipment is an investment as they are also not undear. In reality, high-quality exercise equipment equates to high prices. These essential tools make working out more possible, more efficient and more exciting as well! However, your expensive exercise equipment will be worthless if they are simply displayed at home, waiting to get covered in dust and rust. 

Since you do not want all your spendings to be put to waste or to be undervalued, this reminder is going to have its authority. It is funny in a way, but it brings you to seriously cherishing the significance of regular exercise. 

3 - “I even bought exercise clothes and shoes for this.”

Lady wearing shoes

This next point is related to the previous number because it also involves the money you use to buy necessary items for working out. 

Many people do not care much about what they are wearing for their exercise, but many sincerely pay attention to that. The latter is composed of either fashion lovers or serious fitness buffs. Proper exercise attire makes the routines more comfortable to do and keeps you safe as well. Furthermore, it also styles you while you work on becoming healthy! 

Point out to yourself that you even bought exercise clothes and shoes because you really want and need to work out from now on! Just as you do not want your exercise equipment to become useless, you will regret to see your exercise garments become old even without being purposefully worn. 

Even if “fashion” and “OOTD” have to be your first few motivators for you to begin exercising, then so be it. Just make sure to correctly exercise while you care about looking good in your outfits because if not, that can still be considered as a waste of money!  

4 - “I need to keep my heart healthy.”

Lady running on DiskStation

The main reason why regular exercise is a must is to live a healthy life. One of the most crucial organs of the body is the heart. It is to be kept safe and healthy all the time. If not, you are prone to grave diseases and disorders that can lead to death. Nobody wants that.

When you are feeling so lazy to start your fitness journey or to continue exercising if you already are on the way, tap yourself to say, “I need to keep my heart healthy.” Working out is not entirely about developing a fit body you can show off and be attractive for. It is first and foremost about improving your heart’s condition.  

Exercise amplifies your heart muscle to functionally pump blood throughout your body and maintain blood pressure. If you are currently experiencing breathing and heart difficulties caused by a sedentary lifestyle, exercise is one of the necessities; follow your doctor’s prescription about it. 

On the other hand, if you do not have any health issues now, yet your family has a medical history of heart diseases, better not wait for any symptoms in your own life. Make it a lifestyle to exercise regularly to maintain a healthy heart.

5 - “My mind needs de-stressing and revitalizing.”

Lady practicing yoga

Besides the body, the mind is also a chief beneficiary of regular exercise. When you feel lazy to exercise, tell yourself how your mind needs de-stressing and revitalizing. You want to feel happy or happier. You want to shake off your worries and divert your attention to good things. Stir up yourself to start exercising! 

Every after exercise, your mind feels better and your thoughts become clearer. If you begin feeling gloomy, you will find yourself feeling pleasant after sweating off. Mental health is enhanced by reducing depression and anxiety and helping in shooing these away. 

Reminding yourself how your mental wellbeing needs extra love and attention aids you to really put in tons of effort to attend to it. Though sometimes you are lazy, the mindset of wanting to possess a thriving mental stamina is a powerful thing. Safeguarding your mind is caring for your life. Exercising is a friendly way to do that.

6 - “I am not aging backwards.”

Ready to run

Sad to say, but lots of elderly people who bear unfavorable health troubles at their old age come to a realization that they experience these because of lack of concern for their health when they are young. Experience is the best teacher, but others’ experiences are also a great mentor. While you can still actively move around, do not set aside the importance of regular exercise. 

Nobody is growing any younger. Tell yourself that you are not aging backwards, so you have to allocate care for your health. Do not wait for the years when you can no longer properly and stably stand up to come before you treasure regular exercise. 

Indeed, age is just a number, and anybody can still be youthful regardless of age, but it’s also a reality to perceive that everyone lives a different life and a different body. You can still be very active in your 60’s without exercising, or you cannot. Who knows, right? 

That’s why while you can still actively engage in physical exercise, go for it! Whenever you feel like wanting to slack and not work out, think of the future. Exercise has boons for now and for tomorrow too. It’s more influential than you know!



Some days, you feel so pumped up to go to the gym and work out; you are so excited to start your home exercise too. But, some days, you are just completely out of it. Motivation is nowhere to be found. Maybe you feel blue or you just don’t feel like moving yourself. All you have is lack of spirit to exercise. 

Well, it’s not really an unusual thing. Everyone who exercises goes through such passive phases. Those who are still beginning their fitness journey can relate the most. It’s not something to be too frustrated about but something to just combat, and one of the effective ways to do that is through conversing with yourself. 

Yourself may be your greatest opponent because of laziness, but it also is your prime encouragement. Words are not as simple as they seem for they can actually drive you to stand up and exercise. Sometimes, you just need a few reminders and get-up bells that come from yourself, so you can fight the terrible laziness that tickles you whenever it’s time to exercise. 

Be your own cheerleader to tell you you’re not goofing off but you’re going!


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