Patriarchy and Matriarchy brings chaos in the regular life of men! See How? • Success City

Patriarchy and Matriarchy brings chaos in the regular life of men! See How? • Success City

Often one would have heard the saying that men don’t have feelings, they are heartless and merciless creatures. The main reason behind such statements from society is the inexpressive nature of men

All human beings on the planet, women, men, or transgender all have similar feelings of love, hate, jealousy, anger, and kindness. Men also have possessed the same qualities but due to either pressure of society or by themselves they are nurtured not to express their emotions.

In the patriarchal society such as men crying or smiling too much indicates feminine traits. So, men have to handle all of that turmoil inside themselves. Day by day the stress levels keep on increasing and a time comes when the limit exceeds and something unfortunate happens. 

Patriarchy plays a major role in men suppressing their feelings

The patriarchal society has a great share in ruining the health of men. The era of our forefathers was different, with no awareness of minimal education. So, these social practices continued where the men used to be the sole earning member of a family of 7 to 8 members. 

When the men are the only earning member their decision used to be the final decision that was followed by all members of the family, like a commandment in the religion. But now the world has moved on quickly in a matter of few years. 

Earlier women had almost negligible rights to get educated or to choose the way they want to lead their life. Now almost every family irrespective of religion, caste, and income level work hard so that they could educate their children.

So, the younger generations consider these thoughts of patriarchy as a primitive thought which needs complete eradication from society. But despite so much growth in the field of women empowerment, the system where men are made to be less talkative and introverted has not changed.

All men are not of view of becoming the head of the family. Not all men want to be the sole earner carrying all the burdens of the family on his head. They also want their life partner to help them both morally and financially. But they are afraid to say such things in front of family, friends thinking that instead of a solution he would become a commodity of laughter for others. 

This builds the basics of the high level of stress in men from their teenage. Slowly and gradually these stress levels pile up in our brain. With being unable in finding ways to get released after few months an explosion occurs. 

This explosion is not like your brain getting burst, but the brain getting into a state where it can handle no more stress. The person mostly in an explosion enters successfully into depression, starts having anxiety attacks. Most of the men in the world are in this stage at present where the stress, tensions, and worries are getting piled up.

In the view of experts and also as a society it is high time that we provide men also to express themselves just like another gender. This cannot be taught in schools but needs to be nurtured by parents in homes since childhood. 

Low income is always not the reason for the bad health of men

Whenever asked within a group of people why do men’s health decreases? The most common answer is poverty. Less money means more work and more work means poor health. But is it the case every time or the truth is something else hidden from us?

In the year 2020, the COVID taught us many lessons about life, work, and family which the fast-pacing world could never teach. In the news, we saw many super successful actors, celebrities, singers, and directors of high-caliber committing suicide. An average of 800,000 people commits suicide every year across the globe. This is way more than people who died during wars. 

Has any such ever thoughts crossed your mind? Why successful people in their fields are ending their lives despite being rich, a good career with them. The reason is surely not financial but mental or physical. Toxic relationships, conflict with family, friends, or the lack of endurance incite a person to take such steps. 

But how are social practice affecting men’s health

Patriarchy is not just a social practice but a habit engrained in our consciousness since our childhood. The boy from his younger days is reminded by their family that he would the next to control the house, all the responsibilities will be on his shoulders. He has to build a house, pay the monthly installments of loans of his father. 

Such children on becoming teenagers they are more concerned about fulfilling the dreams of their parents but not theirs. Such parents should realize their children are not Santa clause that would make their dreams true. The children have their own dreams to which they are passionate about. The pain of losing a passion is felt by most boys in the world and the reason is their loved ones. 

And this pain is not evident from the outside but felt only by men internally. Not all men are made the same, some do not want to be the center of gravity of the family. They also want to lead a simple life with fewer responsibilities like others. 

The pressure is to such extent doctors reported that men are more prone to chronic diseases than women.More percentage of men are under some medication as compared to women, from using inhalers to breathe for asthma to using Cenforce online, Vidalista, and Buy Fildena from Arrowmeds for satisfaction. 

Can this coconut life of men be treated?

Well, not all diseases on this planet are curable but fortunately, this disorder has a solution. The solution is not just gulping pills but a change has to come within the society where gender equality means empowering women but not above the equality levels. 

More and masculine and feminine gender roles should be the accepted norm where each member of the family is as important. No hierarchy should exist neither patriarchy nor matriarchy. 

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